Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cooking: Two-Bean Chili

before cooking
After a trip of a juice fast over the weekend, I decided I needed some good cookin'--hearty vegi fare--to sustain and replenish me this week as I continue with eight days of cleaner diet. So I made my first ever two-bean vegetarian chili.

I had a can of kidney beans, a can of roasted tomatoes, and about 1.5 cups of dry pinto beans in my pantry which were itching to be used up.

I used the recipe in the little cook's guide that came with my Presto pressure cooker to quick-soak/cook the beans and for the actual chili recipe but vegetarian style. Based on my cooker's online recipe book, you should see pp. 29 for bean soaking and pp. 12 for chili.

Since I had all the ingredients on hand it was almost a no brainer. I can't begin to explain how easy a pressure cooker makes this. I just sat at the kitchen table doing whatever with my laptop while I took care of all the steps in the two recipes, one at a time.

The resulting chili was a two-alarm kind, but it has mellowed out and gained an amazing flavor profile by resting in the fridge, over this week, in single-serving containers.
w yogurt n tortilla

I've gotten used to dabbing a big blob of goat milk yogurt on top to temper the heat, and temperature, of fresh n hot chili--it adds a lot when it comes to texture and mouth feel.

This chili tastes great on top of a bit of spelt, brown rice, or other favorite grain.

mmm filling workday lunch
Once the chili congeals a little in the fridge, it can be reheated either in the microwave or in a pot, and makes great filling for corn tortillas. Easy snack!

Definitely one of my new favorite recipes and will need to repeat this soon!